The Domaine

Mas Conscience is located in the heart of the “Terrasses du Larzac”, between the picturesque villages of Montpeyroux and Saint-Jean-de Fos. The “Grands Sites de France”, such as the Pont du Diable, Saint Guilhem le Desert, the Gorges de l’Hérault, the Grotte de Clamouse, the Camino de Santiago – all these attractions are in close proximity.

Most important, however, is the unique location of this region. At the foot of the Cevennes plateau Causse du Larzac are the Terrasses du Larsac.

Its climate zone benefits from the highest temperature fluctuations in the Languedoc wine region and enjoys relatively cool summer nights thanks to its proximity to the sea and proximity to the mountainous plateau. The grapes grow slowly and steadily, which benefits both their color and the aromatic properties of the wines.

The vineyards are on sandy, stony limestone soils on the slopes of the plateau and on very nutritious Alluvial soils to the left and right of the Hérault River.

In 2008, author Andrew Jefford (“The New France”) aptly described what drives us:

“Where is the greatest terroir in Languedoc? You could make a case for Faugères, for Pic St Loup, for parts of St Chinian, for Minervois La Livinière, maybe for La Clape, but after my trip I have to say that if you were to write me out a cheque for a million euros and tell me to go to find somewhere to make great red wine, I would look most closely of all at Terrasses du Larzac.”