Our Team

Audrey Bonnet


From 2012 to 2020, Audrey Bonnet was director of the internationally renowned cellar “La Peira”, less than 10 minutes from Domaine Mas Conscience. There she produced some of the best wines in the region, especially the award-winning “La Peira” (AOC Larzac) and “Obriere”.

After working in Denis Dubourdieu’s wine laboratory and in Franschhoek in South Africa, Audrey was technical director of the 175 hectare “Château de Sérame” wine estate near Corbière / Languedoc from 2006 to 2015.

Audrey Bonnet is from Strasbourg in Alsace. She trained as an agricultural engineer in Bordeaux.

Claude Gros


Claude Gros has been accompanying Audrey Bonnet since 2006. The oenologist and consultant advises well-known clients between Languedoc, Roussillion, Burgundy and Bordeaux – as well as in California and Washington in the USA. Many experts consider Claude Gros to be one of the best and most talented wine consultants in the world.

He described his work in the Financial Times as follows: “I’m a chameleon. I don’t have principles. We build something together. I don’t have a style I want to impose. I try to understand what they want – obviously within the possibilities of their terroir. The most important part of my job is listening to them – and tasting together too so that I can hear what they have to say about the wines. ”

Roman Kocholl
Birger Veit


Entrepreneurs Roman Kocholl and Birger Veit together built a digital agency in Germany for 20 years – and have come to know and appreciate each other over the years as reliable partners. Both love quality, excellence – and of course wines of the Terrasses du Larzac. “We are proud and happy to have found with Audrey Bonnet the ideal partner to develop the wines of Domaine Mas Conscience”

Stéphane Canaguie

Mister Know-it-all.

Adélie and Valentin