Our Story

When Roman Kocholl and Birger Veit sat together over an Italian glass of wine in cold Hamburg in January 2019, the plan was quickly forged: Let’s produce our own wine – but only French of course!

What might sound like a “crazy idea” to the ears of others has a very serious core to the passionate entrepreneur. Both of them had previously built one of the most famous digital agencies in Germany for 20 years. An industry that turns very quickly and is constantly changing. Only those who are flexible and open to new things, who are courageous and determined can be successful in the long term. The ingredients of our recipe were very simple in retrospect: patience, quality, excellent employees, determination.

With a shared love and passion for wine and this recipe, we set out for the south of France, traveled and met a lot of great people.

In the autumn of 2019, everything went very quickly. We found “Mas Conscience”, then managed by Eric and Nathalie Ajorque. A wonderful gem with 15 hectares of wine in the middle of Terrasses du Larzac. And on the same day we met Audrey Bonnet-Koenig, at that time still director of the internationally acclaimed winery “La Peira”. Little did we know that day that we would be working together on “Mas Conscience” 9 months later.

With the help of oenologist Claude Gros, Audrey Bonnet-König has been creating new wines since August 2020 – and refining our existing cuvées. The transition takes time, patience and targeted investment. We go step by step forward and support Audrey’s team wholeheartedly and with confidence.